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An ugly personality can ruin a pretty face!

An ugly personality can ruin a pretty face!

Just finished giving my dogs, Sparky & Reina, a bath :) Sparky is just one of the most cutest puppies I have ever seen but he is such a trouble.maker! Don’ let that inocent face fool you….!…….’.’ ! That boy is one energetic dog. He chews on just about anything and loves biting. He won’t shut up at night -.- His barks and cries are sure to keep you up unless you play with him and wear him out before bed time :p

Reina on the other hand, she’s a good girl :) Lazy, but she’s an old dog now so I guess she aint much for playing anymore. Sparky bites her a lot and jumps on her and when she doesn’t respond with playful behavior back, he gets mad lolol xD My baby is getting old though and I don’t know what to,do,with her :( She lays around all day. That’s all she does. She’s slow, quiet, skinny.. always looking sad :(

Idk what imma do with Reina :\

Cali has been amazing so far! Despite the long hours driving, this temperature is awesome! You could easily sleep outside with no blanket and be fine the whole entire night. It’s these long summer nights that I missed so much; sitting out late at night telling family stories out in the barn while mexican music is playing in the backround, feels like Mexico. Seeing my uncles farm animals, playing with the dogs, the barbeques, the family time, moments like this that I get to spend with my family are priceless. I talked on the phone with my babe last night for a bit and I find out he’s got a cold :\ Sucks that I’m not there to take care of him :( I miss him sooo much and my princesita (my chihuahua) :( In the meantime I’m going to enjoy my week of vacation and see what today has in store. I don’t want to leave! :\ Might move here someday :)

In Stockton, California visiting family. Hoping to be back Saturday night so that Sunday I can spend some time with my baby